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Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong

Adjunct Asst Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Dr Alvin Ng Chee Keong graduated from National University of Singapore, Faculty of Medicine in 1991. He was blessed to have received excellent training from great clinicians of their time in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Alexandra Hospital.

One of his memorable experiences in training was diagnosing a patient with Wilson’s disease as a houseofficer in General Medicine Unit 2, Singapore General Hospital in 1991.

Dr Ng received his MRCP (UK) in 1996. It became apparent at the time he should consider gastroenterology training given his exposure to the superb teaching of the senior doctors in SGH. After a posting in Cardiology, TTSH and the excitement of managing patients with heart disease, he started his formal Cardiology experience in 1998. His experience increased as the department developed as the 3rd Cardiology Centre in Singapore. The privilege of attending to many patients affirmed his decision to practice cardiology and created the foundation in general cardiology and echocardiography.

He received formal experience from Prof D Celermajer, Sydney, in the investigation and publication on endothelial dysfunction.

In 2001, Dr Ng received the Ministry of Health, HMDP Award to receive formal training in Cardiovascular Imaging at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, USA with Prof Dan Berman. He gained experience in Cardiac SPECT, PET and CT imaging. Several research papers were authored and co-authored at the time, relevant to clinical practice.

He received specialty registration in Cardiology in 2001 and the diploma of CBNC, USA.

He was appointed as the director of the Coronary Care Unit between 2002 and 2006. During that time, Dr Ng setup the Nuclear Cardiac Imaging Centre. These responsibilities permitted a keen understanding of clinical cardiology, management and patient service.

He received the Quality Pillar Award for service in 2004, an uncommon award for doctors because of the strict criteria of consistent high service delivery.

Dr Ng was awarded a second scholarship in 2006 for formal interventional cardiology training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, USA. Under the guidance of experienced cardiologists, Dr Jon Resar, Dr Alan Heldman, Dr Jeffery Brinker and many others, invaluable practical experience and cardiology knowledge was acquired.

In 2009, he started a new journey in a local private hospital and was appointed Adjunct Assistant Professor at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University Hospital till this day. To his students and patients, he owes a huge debt of gratitude for their trust and friendship. Perhaps there’s no clearer mantra than what he shares with the students “It is our privilege for patients to see us and entrust their lives to us, not the other way round”. Through his time, Dr Ng has encountered miracles through unlikely circumstances and people and friendship beyond expectations. He received the ROLE MODEL AWARD in 2014 for TEACHING, NUS.

To the patients who have considered his care trustworthy and have molded his practice to a holistic one, Dr Ng is forever grateful and hopes to continue to be part of their journeys. To all future patients, he is excited to partner them as they seek heart health.